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Vol 10, No. 2 'There's information in them there systems!' Details   PDF
Mike Bainbridge
Vol 18, No 4 A bibliometric analysis of Australian general practice publications from 1980 to 2007 using PubMed Abstract   PDF
Kumara Mendis, Michael Kidd, Peter Schattner, Joseph Canalese
Vol 22, No 3 A Clinical Decision Support System for Chronic Pain Management in Primary Care: Usability testing and its relevance Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kalpana Maria Nair, Raheleh Malaeekeh, Inge Schabort, Paul Taenzer, Arun Radhakrishnan, Dale Guenter
Vol 10, No. 4 A complete diabetes patient profile for consumer partnership in care Details   PDF
Chunlan Ma, Linda May, Charles Mugford, Daniel Zimny, Jan Stanek, James Warren
Vol 8, No. 2 A computerised clinical reference resource in primary care: How is it being used? Abstract   HTML
James McMorran, Jeremy Dale
Vol 15, No 4 A concept for a visual computer interface to make error taxonomies useful at the point of primary care Abstract   PDF
Ranjit Singh, Wilson Pace, Sonjoy Singh, Ashok Singh, Gurdev Singh
Vol 12, No 3 A first step towards translating evidence into practice: heart failure in a community practice-based research network Abstract   PDF
Mihai Onofrei, Jacquelyn Hunt, Joseph Siemienczuk, Daniel Touchette, Blackford Middleton
Vol 13, No 2 A framework for mobile healthcare answers to chronically ill outpatient non-adherence Abstract   PDF
Mihail Cocosila, Norm Archer
Vol 16, No 1 A guideline-based computerised decision support system (CDSS) to influence general practitioners management of chronic heart failure Abstract   PDF
Eva Toth-Pal, Inger Wårdh, Lars-Erik Strender, Gunnar Nilsson
Vol 13, No 2 A knowledge management-based intranet: asset or EBM liability? Abstract   PDF
Christopher Mimnagh
Vol 6, No. 2 A measure of the validity of the International Classification of Primary Care in the classification of reasons for encounter Abstract   HTML
Helena Britt
Vol 9, No. 1 A Method of Assessment of Reliability of Coding Clinical terms to ICD-10 and ICPC Using ENCODE-FMΩ, a Primary Care Controlled Clinical Terminology Abstract   HTML
Robert Bernstein, Gary Hollingworth, Gary Viner, Paul Miller
Vol 11, No 3 A methodology for the functional comparison of coding schemes in primary care Abstract   PDF
Philip Brown, Victoria Warmington, Michael Laurence, Toby Prevost
Vol 25, No 4 A mixed method observational study of strategies to promote adoption and usage of an application to support asthma self-management Abstract   PDF   HTML
Chi Yan Hui, Brian McKinstry, Robert Walton, Hilary Pinnock
Vol 10, No. 3 A primary care physician perspective survey on the limited use of handwriting and pen computing in the electronic medical record Abstract   PDF
Gary Arvary
Vol 16, No 4 A qualitative analysis of an electronic health record (EHR) implementation in an academic ambulatory setting Abstract   PDF
Kahyun Yoon-Flannery, Stephanie Zandieh, Gilad Kuperman, Daniel Langsam, Daniel Hyman, Rainu Kaushal
Vol 13, No 3 A real-time, mobile phone-based telemedicine system to support young adults with type 1 diabetes Abstract   PDF
Andrew Farmer, Oliver Gibson, Paul Hayton, Kathryn Bryden, Christina Dudley, Andrew Neil, Lionel Tarassenko
Vol 8, No. 1 A Researcher's Experiences of MIQUEST Abstract   HTML
Andrew Meal
Vol 20, No 3 A review of the empirical evidence of the value of structuring and coding of clinical information within electronic health records for direct patient care Abstract   PDF
Dipak Kalra, Bernard Fernando, Zoe Morrison, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 22, No 1 A simple clinical coding strategy to improve recording of child maltreatment concerns: an audit study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andrew Peter McGovern, Jenny Woodman, Janice Allister, Jeremy van Vlymen, Harshana Liyanage, Simon Jones, Imran Rafi, Simon de Lusignan, Ruth Gilbert
Vol 24, No 2 A survey exploring National Health Service ePrescribing Toolkit use and perceived usefulness amongst English hospitals Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kathrin Cresswell, Ann Slee, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 11, No 1 A survey of computer use in Scottish primary care: general practitioners are no longer technophobic but other primary care staff need better computer access Abstract   PDF
Libby Morris, Jo Dumville, Malcolm Campbell, Frank Sullivan
Vol 12, No 4 A survey of GP attitudes to and experiences of email consultations Abstract   PDF
Ron Neville, Wendy Marsden, Colin McCowan, Claudia Pagliari, Helen Mullen, Allison Fannin
Vol 13, No 4 A system of metadata to control the process of query, aggregating, cleaning and analysing large datasets of primary care data Abstract   PDF
Jeremy VanVlymen, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 19, No 1 A systematic evaluation of paediatric medicines information content in clinical decision support tools on smartphones and mobile devices Abstract   PDF
Sandra Benavides, Hyla Polen, Chilla Goncz, Kevin Clauson
Vol 23, No 3 A systematic scoping review of the domains and innovations in secondary uses of digitised health-related data Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ann R R Robertson, Ulugbek Nurmatov, Harpreet S. Sood, Kathrin Cresswell, Pam Smith, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 10, No. 4 A systems perspective on computing in the NHS Abstract   PDF
Jake Chapman
Vol 16, No 2 A visual study of computers on doctors' desks Abstract   PDF
Christopher Pearce, Hannah Walker, Carolyn O'Shea
Vol 20, No 2 Accelerating the development of an information ecosystem in health care, by stimulating the growth of safe intermediate processing of health information (IPHI) Abstract   PDF
Harshana Liyanage, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 23, No 1 Accessible Modelling of Complexity in Health (AMoCH) and associated data flows: asthma as an exemplar Abstract   PDF   HTML
Harshana Liyanage, Daniela Luzi, Simon de Lusignan, Fabrizio Pecoraro, Richard McNulty, Oscar Tamburis, Paul Krause, Michael Rigby, Mitch Blair
Vol 17, No 4 Accuracy of online health information about controlling childhood fever during the H1N1 influenza pandemic Details   PDF
Lavenia Kulendran, Helen Atherton, Yannis Pappas, Josip Car
Vol 23, No 3 Accuracy of Screening Tools for Pap Smears in General Practice Abstract   PDF   HTML
Catherine Harding, Alexa Seal, Louis Pilotto, Ken Mackey, Geraldine Duncan, Ronald Huynh, Robert McWilliam, Stephanie Blake
Vol 15, No 4 Achieving benefit for patients in primary care informatics: the report of a international consensus workshop at Medinfo 2007 Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Sheila Teasdale
Vol 10, No. 4 Acquiring, encoding, and re-using clinical knowledge in PRODIGY Abstract   PDF
Richard Hall, Neill Jones, Ian Purves
Vol 5, No 2 Ad hoc hospital links Details   HTML
Adrian Midgley
Vol 24, No 3 Addendum to Informatics for Health 2017: Advancing both science and practice Abstract   PDF   HTML
Philip Scott, Ronald Cornet, Colin McCowan, Niels Peek
Vol 13, No 2 Adoption and perception of electronic clinical communications in Scotland Abstract   PDF
Claudia Pagliari, Peter Donnan, Jill Morrison, Ian Ricketts, Peter Gregor, Frank Sullivan
Vol 18, No 4 Adoption and use of health information technology in physician practice organisations: systematic review Abstract   PDF
Rachel Police, Talia Foster, Ken Wong
Vol 16, No 3 Adoption of information technology in primary care physician offices in New Zealand and Denmark, part 1: healthcare system comparisons Abstract   PDF
Denis Protti, Tom Bowden, Ib Johansen
Vol 16, No 3 Adoption of information technology in primary care physician offices in New Zealand and Denmark, part 2: historical comparisons Abstract   PDF
Denis Protti, Tom Bowden, Ib Johansen
Vol 16, No 4 Adoption of information technology in primary care physician offices in New Zealand and Denmark, part 3: medical record environment comparisons Abstract   PDF
Denis Protti, Tom Bowden, Ib Johansen
Vol 16, No 4 Adoption of information technology in primary care physician offices in New Zealand and Denmark, part 4: benefits comparisons Abstract   PDF
Denis Protti, Tom Bowden, Ib Johansen
Vol 17, No 1 Adoption of information technology in primary care physician offices in New Zealand and Denmark, part 5: final comparisons Abstract   PDF
Denis Protti, Tom Bowden, Ib Johansen
Vol 21, No 4 Advantages of using voiced questionnaire and image capture application for data collection from a minority group in rural areas along the Thailand–Myanmar border Abstract   HTML   PDF
Siriporn Monyarit, Wirichada Pan-ngum, Saranath Lawpoolsri, Surapon Yimsamran, Suporn Pongnumkul, Jaranit Kaewkungwal, Pratap Singhasivanon
Vol 10, No. 1 Age and gender user differences of a touch-screen kiosk: a study of kiosk transaction log files Abstract   PDF
Paul Huntington, Peter Williams, David Nicholas
Vol 22, No 2 An algorithm to improve diagnostic accuracy in diabetes in computerised problem orientated medical records (POMR) compared with an established algorithm developed in episode orientated records (EOMR) Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Daniel Dedman, Kamlesh Khunti, Khaled Sadek, Simon Jones
Vol 17, No 4 An analysis of healthcare providers' online ratings Abstract   PDF
Erik Black, Lindsay Thompson, Heidi Saliba, Kara Dawson, Nicole Paradise Black
Vol 12, No 4 An eight-step method for assessing diagnostic data quality in practice: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as an exemplar Abstract   PDF
Edwin Faulconer, Simon DeLusignan
Vol 16, No 4 An ethical framework for sharing patient data without consent Abstract   PDF
Robert Navarro
Vol 5, No 1 An evaluation of CAPSULE, a computer system giving advice to general practitioners about drug prescribing Details   HTML
Robert Walton
Vol 20, No 3 An exploratory study of the personal health records adoption model in the older adult with chronic illness Abstract   PDF
Melanie D Logue, Judith A Effken
Vol 24, No 3 An Informatics Approach to Interprofessional Management of Low Back Pain: A Feasibility Study using the Omaha System Abstract   PDF   HTML
Robin R. Austin, Karen A. Monsen, Craig Schulz
Vol 25, No 4 An instrument to identify computerised primary care research networks, genetic and disease registries prepared to conduct linked research: TRANSFoRm International Research Readiness (TIRRE) survey Abstract   PDF   HTML
Emily Jennings, Simon de Lusignan, Georgios Michalakidis, Paul Krause, Frank Sullivan, Harshana Liyanage, Brendan Delaney
Vol 21, No 4 An integrated organisation-wide data quality management and information governance framework: theoretical underpinnings Abstract   HTML   PDF
Siaw-Teng Liaw, Christopher Pearce, Harshana Liyanage, Gladys SS Cheah-Liaw, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 11, No 1 An intelligent partner system for improving chronic illness care Abstract   PDF
Tibor Deutsch, Tamas Gergely
Vol 23, No 3 An “integrated health neighbourhood” framework to optimise the use of EHR data Abstract   PDF   HTML
Siaw-Teng Liaw, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 14, No. 4 Analysing the doctor_patient_computer relationship: the use of video data Abstract   PDF
Christopher Pearce, Kathryn Dwan, Michael Arnold, Christine Phillips
Vol 19, No 4 Anything but engaged: user involvement in the context of a national electronic health record implementation Abstract   PDF
Kathrin Cresswell, Zoe Morrison, Sarah Crowe, Ann Robertson, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 13, No 1 Application of fuzzy classification in modern primary dental care Abstract   PDF
Yauheni Veryha, Katarzyna Adamczyk
Vol 11, No 4 Applying new thinking from the linked and emerging fields of digital identity and privacy to information governance in health informatics Abstract   PDF
John Harrison, Nick Booth
Vol 21, No 3 Approaches and challenges to optimising primary care teams’ electronic health record usage Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nancy Pandhi, Wan-Lin Yang, Zaher Karp, Alexander Young, John W. Beasley, Sally Kraft, Pascale Carayon
Vol 17, No 3 Are we setting about improving the safety of computerised prescribing in the right way? A workshop report Abstract   PDF
Arash Vaziri, Eric Connor, Ian Shepherd, Robert Jones, Tom Chan, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 3 Assessing attitudes toward electronic prescribing adoption in primary care: a survey of prescribers and staff Abstract   PDF
Emily Devine, Rupa Patel, David Dixon, Sean Sullivan
Vol 15, No 3 Assessing medical student learning in assessing the quality of health information on the internet and communicating the skill to patients Abstract   PDF
Ravi Shankar
Vol 12, No 3 Assessing patient safety awareness and needs in rural hospitals in one US state Abstract   PDF
George Demiris, Timothy Patrick, Suzanne Boren
Vol 24, No 4 Assessing the readiness of precision medicine interoperabilty: An exploratory study of the National Institutes of Health genetic testing registry Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jay G Ronquillo, Chunhua Weng, William T Lester
Vol 24, No 3 Attitudes and concerns of doctors and nurses about using a translation application for in-hospital brief interactions with Korean patients Abstract   PDF   HTML
Karen Jean Day, Nicole Song
Vol 17, No 1 Attitudes and practices of recording diabetic patient information within an Australian general practice setting: an exploratory study Abstract   PDF
Mike Civil, Caroline Bulsara, Simone Karner, Shauna Gaebler, Diane Bailey, Ann Evans, Ed Oslewski
Vol 19, No 4 Auditing quality in kidney disease and diabetes: is the precise the enemy of the good? A commentary on difficulties auditing pathology results containing 'greater than' or 'less than' signs Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 25, No 3 Automated conflict resolution between multiple clinical pathways: a technology report Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ian Litchfield, Alice Turner, Ruth Backman, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Mark Lee
Vol 16, No 3 Automated password generation of offensive expressions: Choose and Book and Poppycock Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 2 Automated processing of electronic medical records is a reliable method of determining aspirin use in populations at risk for cardiovascular events Abstract   PDF
Serguei Pakhomov, Nilay Shah, Penny Hanson, Saranya Balasubramaniam, Steven Smith
Vol 16, No 3 Autumn issue of Informatics in Primary Care: extending our understanding and the case for greater research capacity and capability in informatics Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 11, No 2 Avoiding the 'dataset mentality' Details   PDF
Ewan Davis
Vol 14, No. 2 Banking and the electronic health record: what lessons can be learned? Details   PDF
Nicola Shaw
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