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Vol 22, No 2 Barriers and facilitators to health information exchange in low- and middleincome country settings: a systematic review protocol Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ather Akhlaq, Aziz Sheikh, Claudia Pagliari
Vol 14, No. 2 Barriers to ambulatory EHR: who are 'imminent adopters' and how do they differ from other physicians? Abstract   PDF
Nir Menachemi
Vol 12, No 1 Barriers to proliferation of electronic medical records Abstract   PDF
Ignacio Valdes, David Kibbe, Greg Tolleson, Mark Kunik, Laura Petersen
Vol 15, No 2 Barriers to the use of e-health technology in nurse practitioner_patient consultations Abstract   PDF
Ann Adams, Rachel Adams, Margaret Thorogood, Christopher Buckingham
Vol 24, No 4 Bespoke automation of medical workforce rostering using Google’s free cloud applications Abstract   PDF   HTML
Peter Benjamin Michael Thomas
Vol 18, No 4 Bibliometric analysis of primary care research, childhood obesity, the importance of understanding small area data and diabetes Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 20, No 1 Bottom-up and middle-out approaches to electronic patient information systems: a focus on healthcare pathways Abstract   PDF
Ken Eason, Mike Dent, Patrick Waterson, Dylan Tutt, Andrew Thornett
Vol 14, No. 3 Breaking the first law of informatics: the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) in the dock Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Chris Mimnagh
Vol 13, No 1 Bringing SNOMED-CT into use within primary care Details   PDF
Ian Herbert, Mary Hawking
Vol 5, No 2 Building a research database from computerised general practice records Details   HTML
Freya Tyrer, Ian Hambleton, Ross Lawrenson, Mary Pierce
Vol 25, No 4 Building Strong Health Supply Chain Systems: The Visibility and Analytics Network approach to improving the Nigeria Immunization Supply Chain Abstract   PDF   HTML
Chibuzo Ottih, Kevin Cussen, Mahmud Mustafa
Vol 20, No 2 Call for consistent coding in diabetes mellitus using the Royal College of General Practitioners and NHS pragmatic classification of diabetes Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Khaled Sadek, Helen McDonald, Pete Horsfield, Norah Hassan Sadek, Aumran Tahir, Terry Desombre, Kamlesh Khunti
Vol 20, No 2 Can data extraction from general practitioners’ electronic records be used to predict clinical outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes? Abstract   PDF
Michael Staff
Vol 23, No 3 Can I help you? Information sharing in online discussion forums by people living with a long-term condition Abstract   PDF   HTML
Carol S Bond, Osman Hassan Ahmed
Vol 21, No 3 Can we predict a national profile of non-attendance paediatric urology patients: a multi-institutional electronic health record study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ruth A. Bush, Vijaya M. Vemulakonda, Sean T. Corbett, George J. Chiang
Vol 25, No 2 Can we trust Electronic health records? The Smoking Test for Commission Errors. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Pablo Millares Martin
Vol 6, No. 2 Cancer Information at GP Level Details   HTML
Rob Gandy, Martin Murphy
Vol 15, No 3 Cast iron promises Abstract   PDF
Andrew Hawker
Vol 16, No 1 Change of Editor Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 12, No 1 Changing public attitudes to antibiotic prescribing: can the internet help? Abstract   PDF
Gemma Madle, Patty Kostkova, Jane Mani-Saada, Julius Weinberg, Peter Williams
Vol 22, No 1 Characteristics of electronic patient-provider messaging system utilisation in an urban health care organisation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sean Patrick Mikles, Thelma J Mielenz
Vol 7, No. 1 Characteristics of practices contributing to the MediPlus database and the implications for its use in epidemiological research Details   HTML
RA Lawrenson, G Coles, K Walton, RDT Farmer
Vol 25, No 2 Chief Information Officer team evolution in university hospitals: interaction of the three ‘C’s (CIO, CCIO, CRIO) Abstract   PDF   HTML
Shankar Sridharan, Ward Priestman, Neil J Sebire
Vol 18, No 3 Clinical data extraction and feedback in general practice: a case study from Australian primary care Abstract   PDF
Peter Schattner, Mary Saunders, Leslie Stanger, Michele Speak, Kate Russo
Vol 17, No 2 Clinical informatics to improve quality of care: a population-based system for patients with diabetes mellitus Abstract   PDF
Rajeev Chaudhry, Sidna Tulledge-Scheitel, Matthew Thomas, Vicki Hunt, Juliette Liesinger, Ahmed Rahman, James Naessens, Lynn Davis, Robert Stroebel
Vol 10, No. 4 Clinical user interfaces that learn from experience Abstract   PDF
Svetla Gadzhanova, Jan Stanek, James Warren
Vol 20, No 4 Clinicians were oblivious to incorrect logging of test dates and the associated risks in an online pathology application: a case study Abstract   PDF
Amber Appleton, Khaled Sadek, Ian GJ Dawson, Simon de Lusignan
Vol. 4, No. 1 Code conversions, data stability and the future - an agenda for discussion Details   HTML
Mary Hawking
Vol 13, No 1 Codes, classifications, terminologies and nomenclatures: definition, development and application in practice Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 21, No 2 Coding errors in an analysis of the impact of pay-for-performance on the care for long-term cardiovascular disease: a case study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Benjamin Sun, Christopher Pearce, Christopher Farmer, Paul Stevens, Simon Jones
Vol 20, No 3 Coding the presenting problem Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 4 Commentary on: Creating a diabetes foot reminder-based registry using the electronic medical record Details   PDF
Florence Hogg, Simon de Lusignan, Robert Hinchliffe
Vol 23, No 1 Commentary: A lack of a comparator group makes it hard to be sure whether computerised medical record system implementation achieved a better or worse outcome Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan, John Williams, William Hinton, Neil Munro
Vol 21, No 1 Commentary: Effects of exam room EHR use on doctor-patient communication: a systematic literature review – triadic and other key terms may have identified additional literature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christopher Martin Pearce, Pushpa Kumarapeli, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 13, No 1 Communicating about medications during primary care outpatient visits: the role of electronic medical records Abstract   PDF
Nedal Arar, Lonnie Wen, John McGrath, Rebecca Steinbach, Jacqueline Pugh
Vol 20, No 1 Communication and the electronic health record training: a comparison of three healthcare systems Abstract   PDF
Michelle H Lynott, Sarah A Kooienga, Valerie T Stewart
Vol 25, No 3 Community-based screening for cardiovascular risk using a novel mHealth tool in rural Kenya Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jennifer Mannik, Andrea Figol, Vanessa Churchill, James Aw, Stacy Francis, Ezekiel Karino, Julius Kibet Chesire, Danet Opot, Benard Ochieng, Michael Thomas Hawkes
Vol. 4, No. 2 Compact Disks for GPs - this year - next year? Abstract   HTML
Peter Pritchard
Vol 11, No 2 Comparing the use of health information/advice in Birmingham and Hull: a case study of digital health information delivered via the television Abstract   PDF
David Nicholas, Paul Huntington, Barrie Gunter, Peter Williams
Vol 10, No. 3 Comparing two digital consumer health television services using transaction log analysis Abstract   PDF
Paul Huntington, David Nicholas, Peter Williams, Barrie Gunter
Vol 21, No 1 Comparison of howRU and EQ-5D measures of health-related quality of life in an outpatient clinic Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tim Benson, Henry W W Potts, Justin M Whatling, David Patterson
Vol 25, No 1 Completeness and accuracy of anthropometric measurements in electronic medical records for children attending primary care Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sarah Carsley, Catherine Sari Birken, Patricia Parkin, Eleanor Pullenayegum, Karen Tu
Vol 19, No 1 Complex adaptive systems (CAS): an overview of key elements, characteristics and application to management theory Abstract   PDF
Beverley Ellis, Stuart Herbert
Vol 19, No 2 Complex adaptive systems: a tool for interpreting responses and behaviours Abstract   PDF
Beverley Ellis
Vol 18, No 2 Complexity in practice: understanding primary care as a complex adaptive system Abstract   PDF
Beverley Ellis
Vol 12, No 4 Comprehensive computerised primary care records are an essential component of any national health information strategy: report from an international consensus conference Abstract   PDF
Simon DeLusignan, Sheila Teasdale, David Little, John Zapp, Alan Zuckerman, David Bates, Andrew Steele
Vol 14, No. 1 Computer literacy, skills and knowledge among dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs) within primary care in Scotland Abstract   PDF
John Gibson, Karen Jack, James Rennie
Vol 13, No 2 Computer visualisation of patient safety in primary care: a systems approach adapted from management science and engineering Abstract   PDF
Ranjit Singh, Ashok Singh, Chester Fox, John Taylor, Thomas Rosenthal, Gurdev Singh
Vol 19, No 3 Computer-assisted history-taking systems (CAHTS) in health care: benefits, risks and potential for further development Abstract   PDF
Yannis Pappas, Chantelle Anandan, Joseph Liu, Josip Car, Aziz Sheikh, Azeem Majeed
Vol 15, No 3 Computerisation of general practice in the Republic of Croatia: experience gained in general practice use Abstract   PDF
Biserka Bergman-Markovi_, Milica Kati_, Josipa Kern
Vol 20, No 2 Computerised decision support systems for healthcare professionals: an interpretative review Abstract   PDF
Kathrin Cresswell, Azeem Majeed, David W Bates, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 9, No. 2 Computerised Genetic Risk Assessment and Decision Support in Primary Care Abstract   HTML
Andrew Coulson, David Glasspool, John Fox, Jon Emery
Vol 25, No 1 Computerised medical record systems that guide and protect – reflections on the Bawa-Garba case Abstract   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Harshana Liyanage, Philip Scott
Vol 23, No 1 Computerised Provider Order Entry Adoption Rates Favourably Impact Length of Stay Abstract   PDF   HTML
Richard Schreiber, Steven H. Shaha
Vol 18, No 1 Computerised routinely collected primary care data: essential for patient access to records, quality improvement and research Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 10, No. 1 Concepts underlying continuity of care - the system of concepts described in ENV 13940a Abstract   PDF
François Mennerat, Nick Booth
Michael Rigby
Vol 12, No 1 Confidentiality, clinical governance and research in the community Details   PDF
Tom Love, Frank Sullivan
Vol 24, No 2 Connecting Medical Records: An Evaluation of Benefits and Challenges for Primary Care Practices Abstract   PDF   HTML
Deborah Ruth Compeau, Amanda Terry
Vol 22, No 3 Connecting primary care clinics and community pharmacies through a nationwide electronic prescribing network: A qualitative study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Julie Payne-Gagnon, Claude Sicotte, Julie-Alexandra Langué-Dubé, Aude Motulsky
Vol 19, No 3 Construction and validation of a scoring system for the selection of high-quality data in a Spanish population primary care database (SIDIAP) Abstract   PDF
Ma del Mar García-Gil, Eduardo Hermosilla, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Francesc Fina, Magdalena Rosell, Rafel Ramos, Jordi Rodriguez, Tim Williams, Tjeerd VanStaa, Bonaventura Bolíbar
Vol 11, No 2 Consultation computer use to improve management of chronic disease in general practice: a before and after study Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Mitchell, Alex McConnachie, Frank Sullivan
Vol 23, No 4 Creating a climate that catalyses healthcare innovation in the United Kingdom – learning lessons from international innovators Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kathrin Cresswell, Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 18, No 4 Creating a diabetes foot reminder-based registry using the electronic medical record Abstract   PDF
James Wrobel, William Chagares, Rodney Stuck, Frances Weaver, Ryan Crews, Lauren Rapacki, Rhonda Paulson, David Armstrong
Vol 22, No 3 Creating and using real-world evidence to answer questions about clinical effectiveness Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan, Laura Crawford, Neil Munro
Vol 10, No. 4 Culture eats strategy for breakfast! Details   PDF
Sheila Teasdale
Vol 12, No 1 Current state of information technology use in a US primary care practice-based research network Abstract   PDF
James Andrews, Kevin Pearce, Carey Sydney, Carol Ireson, Margaret Love
Vol 15, No 1 Current status and perceived needs of information technology in Critical Access Hospitals: a survey study Abstract   PDF
George Demiris, Karen Courtney, Wilbert Meyer
Vol 16, No 4 Data confidentiality and data handling in research: a workshop report Abstract   PDF
Alison Hinds
Vol 19, No 2 Data-modelling and visualisation in chronic kidney disease (CKD): a step towards personalised medicine Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Norman Poh
Vol 20, No 1 David Kenny (1940–2011): Informatician who established some of the first principles of data privacy and confidentiality Details   PDF
Barry Barber, Maureen Scholes, Michael Fairey, Jean Roberts
Vol. 4, No. 2 Decision Support for GPs: Towards a more certain future? Abstract   HTML
Peter Pritchard
Vol 14, No. 1 Decision support for health care: the PROforma evidence base Abstract   PDF
John Fox, Vivek Patkar, Richard Thomson
Vol 19, No 3 Defining datasets and creating data dictionaries for quality improvement and research in chronic disease using routinely collected data: an ontology-driven approach Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Georgios Michalakidis, Simon Jones
Vol 23, No 4 Defining Health Information Exchange: Scoping Review of Published Definitions Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ather Akhlaq, Aziz Sheikh, Claudia Pagliari
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