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Vol 11, No 4 Delivering primary care in prison: the need to improve health information Abstract   PDF
Sudy Anaraki, Emma Plugge, Alison Hill
Vol 13, No 1 Design and development of a web-based application for diabetes patient data management Abstract   PDF
SS Deo, DN Deobagkar, Deepti Deobagkar
Vol 16, No 2 Design and implementation of a web-based patient portal linked to an electronic health record designed to improve medication safety: the Patient Gateway medications module Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey Schnipper, Tejal Gandhi, Jonathan Wald, Richard Grant, Eric Poon, Lynn Volk, Alexandra Businger, Elizabeth Siteman, Lauren Buckel, Blackford Middleton
Vol 24, No 2 Design and implementation of an affordable, public sector electronic medical record in rural Nepal Abstract   PDF   HTML
Anant Raut, Chase Yarbrough, Vivek Singh, Bikash Gauchan, David Citrin, Varun Verma, Jessica Hawley, Dan Schwarz, Alex Harsha Bangura, Biplav Shrestha, Ryan Schwarz, Mukesh Adhikari, Duncan Maru
Vol 13, No 3 Designing and implementing an electronic health record system in primary care practice in sub-Saharan Africa: a case study from Cameroon Abstract   PDF
Raoul Kamadjeu, Euloge Tapang, Roland Moluh
Vol 25, No 3 Designing health information technology tools for behavioral health clinicians integrated within a primary care team Abstract   PDF   HTML
Tanisha Tate Woodson, Rose Gunn, Khaya D Clark, Bijal A Balasubramanian, Katelyn K Jetelina, Brianna Muller, Benjamin F. Miller, Timothy E. Burdick, Deborah J Cohen
Vol 24, No 2 Designing Health Information Technology Tools to Prevent Gaps in Public Health Insurance Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jennifer D Hall, Rose L Harding, Jennifer E DeVoe, Rachel Gold, Heather Angier, Aleksandra Sumic, Christine A Nelson, Sonja Likumahuwa-Ackman, Deborah J Cohen
Vol 16, No 1 Designing healthcare information technology to catalyse change in clinical care Abstract   PDF
William Lester, Adrian Zai, Richard Grant, Henry Chueh
Vol 23, No 1 Designing Patient-facing Health Information Technologies for the Outpatient Settings: A Literature Review Abstract   HTML   PDF
Yushi Yang, Onur Asan
Vol 18, No 1 Desktop software to identify patients eligible for recruitment into a clinical trial: using SARMA to recruit to the ROAD feasibility trial Abstract   PDF
Shaun Treweek, Ewan Pearson, Natalie Smith, Ron Neville, Paul Sargeant, Brian Boswell, Frank Sullivan
Vol 16, No 2 Developing a decision support system for tobacco use counselling using primary care physicians Abstract   PDF
Theodore Marcy, Bonnie Kaplan, Scott Connolly, George Michel, Richard Shiffman, Brian Flynn
Vol 20, No 3 Developing a survey instrument to assess the readiness of primary care data, genetic and disease registries to conduct linked research: TRANSFoRm International Research Readiness (TIRRE) survey instrument Abstract   PDF
Emily Leppenwell, Simon de Lusignan, Marilia Tristan Vicente, Georgios Michalakidis, Paul Krause, Steve Thompson, Mark McGilchrist, Terry Desombre, Adel Taweel, Brendan Delaney
Vol 15, No 4 Developing an Electronic Social Care Record: a tale from the Tyne Abstract   PDF
Rob Wilson, Sarah Walsh, Roger Vaughan
Vol 16, No 1 Developing primary care informatics Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 19, No 2 Development of a database for cervical cytology reports Abstract   PDF
Eduardo Dreizzen, María Lima, Rosa Kitagawa, Félix Corrons, Osvaldo Spinelli
Vol 25, No 2 Development of a National Core Dataset for the Iranian ICU Patients Outcome Prediction; a Comprehensive Approach Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alireza Atashi, Zahra Rahmatinejad, Leila Ahmadian, Mirmohammad Miri, Najmeh Nazeri, Saeid Eslami
Vol 21, No 1 Development of a web-based pharmaceutical care plan to facilitate collaboration between healthcare providers and patients Abstract   HTML   PDF
Marlies ME Geurts, Martijn Ivens, Egbert van Gelder, Johan J de Gier
Vol 13, No 3 Development of functional requirements for electronic health communication: preliminary results from the ELIN project Abstract   PDF
Tom Christensen, Anders Grimsmo
Vol 22, No 3 Development of the quality assessment model of EHR software in family medicine practices: research based on user satisfaction Abstract   PDF   HTML
Damir Kralj, Josipa Kern, Stanko Tonkovic, Miroslav Koncar
Vol 23, No 3 Digital literacy knowledge and needs of pharmacy staff: A systematic review Abstract   PDF   HTML
Katie MacLure, Derek Stewart
Vol 18, No 1 Disparities in health-related internet use by US veterans: results from a national survey Abstract   PDF
Keith McInnes, Allen Gifford, Lewis Kazis, Todd Wagner
Vol 11, No 1 Diversity, equal access and information Abstract   PDF
Sheila Bullas
Vol 16, No 3 Do electronic medical record (EMR) demonstrations change attitudes, knowledge, skills or needs? Abstract   PDF
Patrick Beiter, Jonathan Sorscher, Carol Henderson, Mary Talen
Vol 16, No 1 Do general practice characteristics influence uptake of an information technology (IT) innovation in primary care? Abstract   PDF
Josie Evans, Bruce Guthrie, Claudia Pagliari, Alex Greene, Andrew Morris, Scott Cunningham, Peter Donnan
Vol 11, No 2 Do information systems meet the needs of primary care trusts? Abstract   PDF
Diane Jones, David Wilkin
Vol 5, No 1 Do we need a classification for Primary Care? Details   HTML
John Williams
Vol 17, No 4 Documentation-based clinical decision support to improve antibiotic prescribing for acute respiratory infections in primary care: a cluster randomised controlled trial Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey Linder, Jeffrey Schnipper, Ruslana Tsurikova, Tony Yu, Lynn Volk, Andrea Melnikas, Matvey Palchuk, Maya Olsha-Yehiav, Blackford Middleton
Vol 14, No. 1 Does a higher 'quality points' score mean better care in stroke? An audit of general practice medical records Abstract   PDF
Peter Williams, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 12, No 2 Does IT ‘cut the mustard’ in primary care? Abstract   PDF
Roger Roycroft
Vol 21, No 3 Does smart home technology prevent falls in community-dwelling older adults: a literature review Abstract   HTML   PDF
Eva Pietrzak, Cristina Cotea, Stephen Pullman
Vol 16, No 3 Early experience of the use of short message service (SMS) technology in routine clinical care Abstract   PDF
Ron Neville, Chris Reed, Brian Boswell, Paul Sergeant, Tricia Sullivan, Frank Sullivan
Vol 12, No 3 Editor’s annual review Details   PDF
Sheila Teasdale
Vol 21, No 2 Effective pseudonymisation and explicit statements of public interest to ensure the benefits of sharing health data for research, quality improvement and health service management outweigh the risks Abstract   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 24, No 3 Effectively reducing amylase testing using computer order entry in the emergency department: quality improvement without eliminating physician choice Abstract   PDF   HTML
Cassie Jaeger, Paul Sullivan, James Waymack, David Griffen Griffen
Vol 17, No 1 Effectiveness of an HbA1c tracking tool on primary care management of diabetes mellitus: glycaemic control, clinical practice and usability Abstract   PDF
Jane Howard, Ryan Sommers, Odette Gould, Michelina Mancuso
Vol 21, No 4 Effectiveness of local support for the adoption of a national programme – a descriptive study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christopher Pearce, Jenny Bartlett, Adam McLeod, Paula Eustace, Rod Amos, Marianne Shearer
Vol 21, No 1 Effects of exam room EHR use on doctor-patient communication: a systematic literature review Abstract   HTML   PDF
Zainab Kazmi
Vol 23, No 4 Electronic Health Record's Effects on the Outpatient Office Visit and Clinical Education Abstract   PDF   HTML
Marie B Sandoval, Mary Val Palumbo, Vicki Hart
Vol 15, No 2 Electronic health records: high-quality electronic data for higher-quality clinical research Abstract   PDF
Mark Weiner, Jason Lyman, Shawn Murphy, Michael Weiner
Vol 17, No 4 Electronic patient record evaluation in community mental health Abstract   PDF
John Meredith
Vol 12, No 4 Email consultations in general practice Abstract   PDF
Ron Neville, Wendy Marsden, Colin McCowan, Claudia Pagliari, Helen Mullen, Allison Fannin
Vol 19, No 4 Emergency medicine residents' beliefs about contributing to a Google DocsTM presentation: a survey protocol Abstract   PDF
Patrick Archambault, Danielle Blouin, Julien Poitras, Ren_e-Marie Fountain, Richard Fleet, Andrea Bilodeau, France L_gar_
Vol 20, No 3 End-user support for a primary care electronic medical record: a qualitative case study of a vendor’s perspective Abstract   PDF
Aviv Shachak, Jan Barnsley, Catherine Montgomery, Karen Tu, Alejandro R Jadad, Louise Lemieux-Charles
Vol 7, No. 2 Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of clinical data on general practice systems Details   HTML
JG Vernon
Vol 23, No 3 Establishing data-intensive healthcare: the case of Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration systems in Scotland Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kathrin Cresswell, Pam Smith, Charles Swainson, Angela Timoney, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 12, No 4 Estimating impacts on safety caused by the introduction of electronic medical records in primary care Abstract   PDF
Ranjit Singh, Tim Servoss, Michael Kalsman, Chet Fox, Gurdev Singh
Vol 14, No. 2 Estimating the value of information in strategies for identifying patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease Abstract   PDF
Tom Marshall
Vol 23, No 4 Ethnicity Recording in Primary Care Computerised Medical Record Systems: An Ontological Approach Abstract   PDF   HTML
Zayd Tippu, Ana Correa, Harshana Liyanage, David Burleigh, Andrew McGovern, Jeremy Van Vlymen, Simon Jones, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 22, No 2 Evaluating the usability of an interactive, bi-lingual, touchscreen-enabled breastfeeding educational programme: application of Nielson’s heuristics Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ashish Joshi, Douglas M Puricelli Perin, Chioma Amadi, Kate Trout
Vol 18, No 2 Evaluation of a new short generic measure of health status: howRu Abstract   PDF
Tim Benson, Steve Sizmur, Justin Whatling, Seref Arikan, Dianna McDonald, David Ingram
Vol 19, No 1 Evaluation of a prototype health information system using the FITT framework Abstract   PDF
Wilfried Honekamp, Herwig Ostermann
Vol 16, No 1 Evaluation of the MoleMateTM training program for assessment of suspicious pigmented lesions in primary care Abstract   PDF
Annabel Wood, Helen Morris, Jon Emery, Per Hall, Symon Cotton, Toby Prevost, Fiona Walter
Vol 14, No. 1 Examining the adoption of electronic health records and personal digital assistants by family physicians in Florida Abstract   PDF
Nir Menachemi, Randa Perkins, Daniel VanDurme, Robert Brooks
Vol 22, No 1 Examining the symptom of fatigue in primary care: a comparative study using electronic medical records Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kathryn Nicholson, Moira Stewart, Amardeep Thind
Vol 7, No. 2 Exchanging Medical Records: The Hypermedata Solution Abstract   HTML
Maurice Dixon, Jana Kohoutkova, Stephen Cook, Keith Jeffery, Brian Read
Vol 16, No 1 Expectations for the next generation of electronic patient records in primary care: a triangulated study Abstract   PDF
Tom Christensen, Anders Grimsmo
Vol 9, No. 1 Expert Systems in Medicine: Academic Illusion or Real Power? Abstract   HTML
KS Metaxiotis, J-E Samouilidis, JE Psarras
Vol 22, No 1 Exploiting the information revolution: call for independent evaluation of the latest English national experiment Abstract   HTML   PDF
Philip Scott
Vol 21, No 2 Exploring an informed decision-making framework using in-home sensors: older adults’ perceptions Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jane Chung, Blaine Reeder, Amanda Lazar, Jonathan Joe, George Demiris, Hilaire J. Thompson
Vol 20, No 4 Exploring weight loss services in primary care and staff views on using a web-based programme Abstract   PDF
Lisa J Ware, Sarah Williams, Katherine Bradbury, Catherine Brant, Paul Little, FD Richard Hobbs, Lucy Yardley
Vol 18, No 1 Facilitating patient self-management through telephony and web technologies in seasonal influenza Abstract   PDF
Zsolt Nagykaldi, Walter Calmbach, Lauren DeAlleaume, Jonathan Temte, James Mold, John Ryan
Vol 12, No 1 Feasibility of incorporating computertailored health behaviour communications in primary care settings Abstract   PDF
Christopher Sciamanna, Bess Marcus, Michael Goldstein, Kipp Lawrence, Sue Swartz, Beth Bock, Amanda Graham, David Ahern
Vol 12, No 3 Feasibility study and methodology to create a quality-evaluated database of primary care data Abstract   PDF
Alison Bourke, Hassy Dattani, Michael Robinson
Vol 19, No 3 Feedback and training tool to improve provision of preventive care by physicians using EMRs: a randomised control trial Abstract   PDF
Heather Maddocks, Moira Stewart, Amardeep Thind, Amanda Terry, Vijaya Chevendra, Neil Marshall, Louisa Denomme, Sonny Cejic
Vol 10, No. 4 Findings from the Using the Computer in the Consulting Room training programme for GPs Details   PDF
Karen Johnson, Jane Cartridge
Vol 23, No 4 Five key recommendations for the implementation of Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration systems in Scotland Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kathrin Cresswell, Ann Slee, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 25, No 4 Five key strategic priorities of integrating patient generated health data into United Kingdom electronic health records Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kathrin Cresswell, Brian McKinstry, Maria Wolters, Anoop Shah, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 17, No 2 Flagging fasting plasma glucose specimens: time to routinely label the context in which pathology specimens are recorded Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 12, No 2 Flights of fitness in Healthitia Details   PDF
David Markwell
Vol 10, No. 1 Funding an infrastructure to support primary care informatics Abstract   PDF
Henry Mullins, John Zapp
Vol 17, No 3 Further changes are needed if the National Care Record Service (NCRS) implementation is to succeed Details   PDF
Ian Herbert, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 4 General practitioners' and nurses' experiences of using computerised decision support in screening for diabetic foot disease: implementing Scottish Clinical Information - Diabetes Care in routine clinical practice Abstract   PDF
Fay Crawford, Hilary Bekker, Matthew Young, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 21, No 1 General practitioners’ views on using a prescribing substitution application (ScriptSwitch®) Abstract   HTML   PDF
Carly Hire, Bruno Rushforth
Vol 19, No 4 Generalisability of The Health Improvement Network (THIN) database: demographics, chronic disease prevalence and mortality rates Abstract   PDF
Betina Blak, Mary Thompson, Hassy Dattani, Alison Bourke
Vol 11, No 3 Generating information from electronic patient records in general practice: a description of clinical care and gender inequalities in coronary heart disease using data from over two million patient records Abstract   PDF
Pete Horsfield, Sheila Teasdale
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