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Vol 24, No 4 Genesis of a UK Faculty of Clinical Informatics at a time of anticipation for some, and ruby, golden and diamond celebrations for others Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan, Jeremy Barlow, Philip J. Scott
Vol 5, No 1 Geographical Information Systems in General Practice: A New Tool for Needs Assessment Details   HTML
Malcolm Colledge, Haldane Maxwell, Richard Parker, Donald Morse
Vol 20, No 4 Get moving: the practice nurse is watching you! Abstract   PDF
Renee Verwey, Sanne van der Weegen, Huibert Tange, Marieke Spreeuwenberg, Trudy van der Weijden, Luc de Witte
Vol 21, No 1 Getting on with your computer is associated with job satisfaction in primary care: entrants to primary care should be assessed for their competency with electronic patient record systems Abstract   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Christopher Pearce, Neil Munro
Vol 18, No 4 Getting the signal to noise ratio right in the management of diabetes in primary care: time to stratify risk and focus on outcomes rather than process Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Florence Hogg, Robert Hinchliffe
Vol 21, No 2 Google searches help with diagnosis in dermatology Abstract   HTML   PDF
Montassar Amri, Kaliyadan Feroz
Vol. 4, No. 2 GP Practice computer security survey Details   HTML
Robert Pitchford, Stephen Kay
Vol 21, No 3 Growing up with confidence: using telehealth to support continence self-care deficits amongst young people with complex needs Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sharon Levy, Lisa Henderson, Caroline McAlpine
Vol 15, No 2 Guidelines for computer security in general practice Abstract   PDF
Peter Schattner, Catherine Pleteshner, Heinz Bhend, Johan Brouns
Vol 13, No 1 Health and medical informatics in the 21st century: will the future be about EbM2C? Details   PDF
Denis Protti
Vol 22, No 2 Health care provider perceptions of a query-based health information exchange: barriers and benefits Abstract   PDF   HTML
Gary L. Cochran, Lina Lander, Marsha Morien, Daniel E. Lomelin, Harlan Sayles, Donald G. Klepser
Vol 11, No 4 Health informatics and modernisation: bridging the gap Abstract   PDF
Cheryl Cowley, Lynette Daws, Beverley Ellis
Vol 11, No 1 Health informatics professionalism in primary care Details   PDF
Glyn Hayes
Vol 15, No 1 Health informatics research in Australia: retrospective analysis using PubMed Abstract   PDF
Kumara Mendis
Vol 23, No 4 Health Information Exchange as a Complex and Adaptive Construct: Scoping Review Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ather Akhlaq, Aziz Sheikh, Claudia Pagliari
Vol 24, No 2 Healthcare Utopia or Dystopia? Details   PDF   HTML
Carol S Bond
Vol 17, No 2 Hospital data may be more accurate than census data in estimating the ethnic composition of general practice populations Abstract   PDF
Sally Hull, Carol Rivas, Jacqui Bobby, Kambiz Boomla, John Robson
Vol 11, No 3 How could primary care meet the informatics needs of UK Biobank? A Scottish proposal Abstract   PDF
Frank Sullivan, Jill Pell, Mary Sweetland, Andrew Morris
Vol 22, No 4 How Do Clinical Information Systems Affect the Cognitive Demands of General Practitioners?: Usability Study with a Focus on Cognitive Workload Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ferran Ariza, Dipak Kalra, Henry WW Potts
Vol 21, No 3 How do GPs versus GP trainees adapt to electronic health records? A Portuguese pilot study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Filipe Prazeres
Vol 20, No 4 How does Canada stack up? A bibliometric analysis of the primary healthcare electronic medical record literature Abstract   PDF
Amanda L Terry, Moira Stewart, Martin Fortin, Sabrina T Wong, Maureen Kennedy, Fred Burge, Richard Birtwhistle, Inese Grava-Gubins, Greg Webster, Amardeep Thind
Vol 12, No 1 How often do GPs use rapid computer access to laboratory results? A description of 18 months’ use by 72 practices in Tayside Abstract   PDF
Deborah Clark, Wynne Carter, Frank Sullivan
Vol 21, No 2 How people with diabetes integrate self-monitoring of blood glucose into their self-management strategies Abstract   HTML   PDF
Carol S Bond, Jaqui Hewitt-Taylor
Vol 13, No 4 How to sign up for a National Care Record Service Acceptable Use Policy: pitfalls and lessons Details   PDF
Mary Hawking
Vol 11, No 3 How will practices cope with information for the new GMS contract? Coronary heart disease data recording in five Scottish practices Abstract   PDF
Libby Morris, Mike Taylor, Malcolm Campbell, Frank Sullivan
Vol. 4, No. 1 Hungary: the inherited health care system Details   HTML
Andras Javor
Vol 12, No 2 Identification of high-quality consultation practice in primary care: the effects of computer use on doctor–patient rapport Abstract   PDF
Nick Booth, Paul Robinson, Judy Kohannejad
Vol 19, No 2 Identification of patients with neuropathic pain using electronic primary care records Abstract   PDF
Camille Gajria, Joanna Murray, Ruthie Birger, Ricky Banarsee, David Bennett, Keith Tan, Mark Field, Andrew Rice, Azeem Majeed
Vol 10, No. 1 Identification of the critical success factors involved in the implementation of clinical governance arrangements within primary care Abstract   PDF
Beverley Ellis
Vol 13, No 1 Identifying and establishing consensus on the most important safety features of GP computer systems: e-Delphi study Abstract   PDF
Anthony Avery, Boki Savelyich, Aziz Sheikh, Judy Cantrill, Caroline Morris, Bernard Fernando, Mike Bainbridge, Pete Horsfield, Sheila Teasdale
Vol 17, No 1 Identifying barriers to implementing a cardiovascular computerised decision support system (CDSS): a Delphi survey Abstract   PDF
Anne Wilson, Melissa Opolski
Vol 17, No 4 Identifying the optimal search strategy for coronary heart disease patients in primary care electronic patient record systems Abstract   PDF
Krish Thiru, Peter Donnan, Peter Weller, Frank Sullivan
Vol 17, No 2 Illogical placing of codes within a clinical classification Details   PDF
Merlyn Wilcox
Vol 17, No 1 Imminent adopters of electronic health records in ambulatory care Abstract   PDF
Rainu Kaushal, David Bates, Chelsea Jenter, Shannon Mills, Lynn Volk, Elisabeth Burdick, Micky Tripathi, Steven Simon
Vol 20, No 2 Impact of the implementation of electronic guidelines for cardiovascular prevention in primary care: study protocol Abstract   PDF
Eva Comin, Arantxa Catalan-Ramos, Jose M Verdu, Manuel Iglesias-Rodal, Jose L del Val Garcia, Maria Grau, Ester Amado, Angels Pons, Alicia Consola, Ramon Ciurana, Alicia Franzi, Manel Mata, Josep Davins, Xavier Cos, Eva Frigola, Josep Davins
Vol 20, No 1 Implementation of a web-based tool for patient medication self-management: the Medication Self-titration Evaluation Programme (Med-STEP) for blood pressure control Abstract   PDF
Richard W Grant, Jennifer C Pandiscio, Hannah Pajolek, Alyssa Woulfe, Alexandra Pelletier, Joseph Kvedar, Elyse R Park
Vol 18, No 1 Implementation of an electronic medical record in family practice: a case study Abstract   PDF
Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Marie Desmartis, Michel Labrecque, France L_gar_, Lise Lamothe, Jean-Paul Fortin, Jean-François Rancourt, Julie Duplantie
Vol 15, No 4 Implementation of an electronic medical record system in previously computer-naïve primary care centres: a pilot study from Cyprus Abstract   PDF
George Samoutis, Elpidoforos Soteriades, Dimitris Kounalakis, Theodora Zachariadou, Anastasios Philalithis, Christos Lionis
Vol 23, No 3 Implementation of data management and effect on chronic disease coding in a primary care organisation: A parallel cohort observational study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Michelle Greiver, Kimberly Wintemute, Babak Aliarzadeh, Ken Martin, Shahriar Khan, Dave Jackson, Jannet Leggett, Anita Lambert-Lanning, Maggie Siu
Vol 17, No 1 Implementation of telehealth support for patients with type 2 diabetes using insulin treatment: an exploratory study Abstract   PDF
Jane Turner, Mark Larsen, Lionel Tarassenko, Andrew Neil, Andrew Farmer
Vol 18, No 4 Implementing an integrated computerised information system about foot problems in diabetes is not enough to ensure adoption. Commentary on: General practitioners' and nurses' experiences of using computerised decision support in screening for diabetic foot disease: implementing Scottish Clinical Information - Diabetes Care in routine clinical practice Details   PDF
Florence Hogg, Simon de Lusignan, Robert Hinchliffe
Vol 23, No 2 Implementing and Using a Patient Portal: A qualitative exploration of patient and provider perspectives on engaging patients Abstract   PDF   HTML
Bridget L. Ryan, Judith Belle Brown, Amanda Terry, Sonny Cejic, Moira Stewart, Amardeep Thind
Vol 13, No 2 Implementing electronic medical record systems in developing countries Abstract   PDF
Hamish Fraser, Paul Biondich, Deshen Moodley, Sharon Choi, Burke Mamlin, Peter Szolovits
Vol 13, No 2 Implementing the National Programme for IT: what can we learn from the Scottish experience? Abstract   PDF
Claudia Pagliari
Vol 8, No. 2 Implications of WWW technologies for exchanging medical records Abstract   HTML
Maurice Dixon, Stephen Cook, Brian Read
Vol 16, No 1 Improving collaboration between primary care research networks using Access Grid technology Abstract   PDF
Zsolt Nagykaldi, Chester Fox, Steve Gallo, Joseph Stone, Patricia Fontaine, Kevin Peterson, Theodoros Arvanitis
Vol 16, No 3 Improving information management in primary care: the proof is in the pudding Abstract   PDF
Virginia Reed, Karen Schifferdecker, Karen Homa
Vol 22, No 2 Improving the measurement of longitudinal change in renal function: automated detection of changes in laboratory creatinine assay Abstract   PDF   HTML
Norman Poh, Andrew Peter McGovern, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 11, No 4 Improving the safety features of general practice computer systems Abstract   PDF
Anthony Avery, Boki Savelyich, Sheila Teasdale
Vol 25, No 4 In this issue - Assumptions, openness, apps, collaborative working and a new editor Abstract   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 23, No 1 In this issue - Benefits and disbenefits of computerised medical records (CMR): clinical, patient-centred, implementation and sociotechnical factors Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 23, No 3 In this issue - Don’t make assumptions about integrated systems, data quality, utilisation of technology, or access to routine data Details   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 21, No 2 In this issue - How informatics contributes across the domains of the chronic care model Abstract   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 17, No 2 In this issue of Informatics in Primary Care: ethnicity, learning and diabetes Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 21, No 1 In this issue – Informatics in Primary Care now full-free text and free to publish Details   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 25, No 2 In this issue – Innovation to build learning health systems Details   PDF   HTML
Philip Scott
Vol 21, No 3 In this issue – Making sense of taxonomies in health informatics Details   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 25, No 1 In this issue – Patient risks are ignored at organisation level Details   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 22, No 2 In this issue: Ontologies a key concept in informatics and key for open definitions of cases, exposures, and outcome measures Details   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 24, No 4 In this issue: Prerequisites for precision medicine are genomics, computerised medical record systems, and big data analytics Details   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 23, No 2 In this issue: Realising benefits and that informatics is all about the patient Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 22, No 4 In this issue: An innovative discipline needs a patient focus Details   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 25, No 3 In this issue: Digital disparities, complexity and patient safety Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 23, No 4 In this issue: everything you wanted to know about electronic health exchange, diversity and ethnicity Details   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 21, No 4 In this issue: First free-to-publish and free-full-text online volume completed Details   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 24, No 2 In this issue: Innovation in design and implementation in health informatics Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 22, No 3 In this issue: Time to replace doctors’ judgement with computers Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 24, No 3 In this issue: tools and processes that translate knowledge into practice Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 22, No 1 In this issue: Unleashing the power of e-Health requires the development of an evidence base for interventions that improve care Abstract   HTML   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 17, No 3 In this issue: use of electronic patient record (EPR) system data for emergency care, quality improvement and research - things not to take for granted Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 20, No 4 Incidence of potential drug interactions in a transplant centre setting and relevance of electronic alerts for clinical practice support Abstract   PDF
Piera Polidori, Concetta Di Giorgio, Alessio Provenzani
Vol 25, No 3 Influence of previous work experience and education on Internet use of people in their 60s and 70s Abstract   PDF   HTML
Muzawir Arief, Sari Rissanen, Kaija Saranto
Vol 24, No 1 Informatics for Health 2017: Advancing both science and practice Abstract   PDF   HTML
Philip J. Scott, Ronald Cornet, Colin McCowan, Niels Peek, Paolo Fraccaro, Nophar Geifman, Wouter T. Gude, William Hulme, Glen P. Martin, Richard Williams
Vol 19, No 3 Informatics research, practice, theory and history Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 13, No 2 Information communications technology in general practice: cross-sectional survey in London Abstract   PDF
Zoe Keddie, Roger Jones
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