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Vol 14, No. 1 Patient and health care professional views and experiences of computer agent-supported health care Abstract   PDF
Ron Neville, Alexandra Greene, Sue Lewis
Vol 25, No 3 Patient-centric implementation of an electronic medication management system at a tertiary hospital in Western Sydney Abstract   PDF   HTML
Naren Gunja, Ian Dunlop, Milan Vaghasiya, Kevin Kuan, Simon Poon
Vol 23, No 2 Patient-facing Technology for Identification of COPD in Primary Care Abstract   PDF   HTML
David Kevin Ahern, Donna Parker, Charles Eaton, Caitlin Rafferty, Joseph Wroblewski, Roberta Goldman
Vol 19, No 4 Patterns of referral in a Canadian primary care electronic health record database: retrospective cross-sectional analysis Abstract   PDF
Joshua Shadd, Bridget Ryan, Heather Maddocks, Amardeep Thind
Vol 19, No 1 PC-based note taking in patient-centred diagnostic interviews: a thematic analysis of patient opinion elicited using a pilot survey instrument Abstract   PDF
Fiona Barker, Gemma Court
Vol 17, No 3 People and technology must work together to solve the sharing problem Details   PDF
Robert Navarro
Vol 15, No 2 Perceived barriers to completing an e-learning program on evidence-based medicine Abstract   PDF
Marie-Pierre Gagnon, France L_gar_, Michel Labrecque, Pierre Fr_mont, Michel Cauchon, Marie Desmartis
Vol 19, No 4 Perceptions on the quality of records received via the GP2GP electronic transfer service: pilot online questionnaire study Abstract   PDF
Beverley Ellis, John Howard, Daniel Dedman, Mary Hawking
Vol 17, No 4 Personal electronic health records: from biomedical research to people's health Abstract   PDF
Jean Roberts
Vol 10, No. 3 Personalised Medical Reference to General Practice Notebook (GPnotebook) - an evolutionary tale Abstract   PDF
James McMorran, Damian Crowther
Vol 20, No 3 Pharmacist-generated electronic consults to improve hypertension management in a multisite health centre: pilot study Abstract   PDF
Marissa Salvo, Stefanie C Nigro, Deborah Ward
Vol 23, No 2 Physical Activity in Ankylosing Spondylitis: evaluation and analysis of an eHealth tool Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jess Shelagh Tyrrell, Clare Helen Redshaw, Wiebke Schmidt, Daniel H. Williams
Vol 17, No 4 Physicians' attitudes towards eprescribing: a comparative web survey in Austria and Sweden Abstract   PDF
Thomas Steinschaden, Goran Petersson, Bengt Åstrand
Vol 13, No 1 Potential impacts of patient access to their electronic care records Abstract   PDF
Alasdair Honeyman, Benita Cox, Brian Fisher
Vol 12, No 4 Pregnancy information and advice on Sky television: an evaluation Abstract   PDF
David Nicholas, Paul Huntington, Peter Williams, Barrie Gunter
Vol 16, No 1 Prescribing support software recommends more expensive prescriptions Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 4 Presentation of body mass index within an electronic health record to improve weight assessment and counselling in children and adolescents Abstract   PDF
Ulfat Shaikh, Rachel Nelson, Daniel Tancredi, Robert Byrd
Vol 15, No 1 Prevention of errors and user alienation in healthcare IT integration programmes Abstract   PDF
Tim Benson
Vol. 4, No. 1 Primary Care and Primary Care Informatics in Finland Details   HTML
Ilkka Kunnamo
Vol 14, No. 2 Primary care computing in England and Scotland: a comparison with Denmark Abstract   PDF
Denis Protti, Graham Wright, Shaun Treweek, Ib Johansen
Vol 6, No. 1 PRIMARY CARE INFORMATICS DEVELOPMENT - One view through the miasma Details   HTML
Leo Fogarty
Vol 14, No. 3 Primary care oncology: addressing the challenges Abstract   PDF
Omnia Allam, Alex Gray, Hazel Bailey, David Morrey
Vol 12, No 3 Primary care physician attitudes towards using a secure web-based portal designed to facilitate electronic communication with patients Abstract   PDF
Anne Kittler, Lisa Pizziferri, Lynn Volk, Yamini Jagannath, Jonathan Wald, David Bates
Vol 12, No 2 Primary care physicians’ experiences of carrying out consultations on the internet Abstract   PDF
Göran Umefjord, Hans Malker, Niclas Olofsson, Lars-Olof Hensjö, Göran Petersson
Vol 22, No 3 Primary care physicians’ perspectives on computer-based health risk assessment tools for chronic diseases: a mixed methods study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Teja Voruganti, Mary Ann O'Brien, Sharon E. Straus, John R. McLaughlin, Eva Grunfeld
Vol 19, No 2 Primary care provider perceptions and use of a novel medication reconciliation technology Abstract   PDF
Blake Lesselroth, Patricia Holahan, Kathleen Adams, Zhen Sullivan, Victoria Church, Susan Woods, Robert Felder, Shawn Adams, David Dorr
Vol 16, No 4 Privacy and health information: health cards offer a workable solution Abstract   PDF
Roderick Neame
Vol 5, No 1 Privacy and security of personal health information Abstract   HTML
Ian Cheong
Vol 21, No 2 Privacy Protection in Personal Health Information and Shared Care Records Abstract   HTML   PDF
Roderick L B Neame
Vol 24, No 2 Probabilistic linkage to enhance deterministic algorithms and reduce data linkage errors in hospital administrative data Abstract   PDF   HTML
Gareth Hagger-Johnson, Katie Harron, Harvey Goldstein, Robert Aldridge, Ruth Gilbert
Vol 12, No 3 Problems with primary care data quality: osteoporosis as an exemplar Abstract   PDF
Simon DeLusignan, Tom Valentin, Tom Chan, Nigel Hague, Oliver Wood, Jeremy VanVlymen, Neil Dhoul
Vol 5, No 2 Prodigy Interim Report Details   HTML
Ian Purves, Mike Sowerby
Vol 12, No 2 Professional values and informatics: what is the connection? Abstract   PDF
Peter Pritchard
Vol 14, No. 3 Prometheus: the implementation of clinical coding schemes in French routine general practice Abstract   PDF
Laurent Letrilliart, B_n_dicte Gelas-Dore, Bernard Ortolan, Cyrille Colin
Vol 20, No 2 Providing a Spanish interpreter using low-cost videoconferencing in a community study computers Abstract   PDF
James L Wofford, Claudia L Campos, Dominic A Johnson, Monica T Brown
Vol 18, No 1 Providing patients online access to their primary care computerised medical records: a case study of sharing and caring Abstract   PDF
Amir Hannan
Vol 12, No 1 QRESEARCH: a new general practice database for research Details   PDF
Julia Hippisley-Cox, David Stables, Mike Pringle
Vol 23, No 2 Qualitative analysis of multi-disciplinary round-table discussions on the acceleration of benefits and data analytics through hospital electronic prescribing (ePrescribing) systems Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kathrin Cresswell, Jamie Coleman, Pam Smith, Charles Swainson, Ann Slee, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 18, No 2 Quality assessment of information about medications in primary care electronic patient record (EPR) systems Abstract   PDF
Maria Pous, Marco Camporese, Alessandro Nobili, Serena Frau, Francesco DelZotti, Anita Conforti, Roberta Zimol, Guido Giustetto, Giulia Zermiani, Giuseppe Lombardo, Luigi Mezzalira
Vol 18, No 3 Quality indicators to measure blood pressure management over a time interval Abstract   PDF
Thusitha Mabotuwana, Jim Warren, Raina Elley, John Kennelly, Chris Paton, Kuinileti Wai, Stewart Wells
Vol 18, No 3 Quality is essential in diabetes disease registers Details   PDF
Margaret Stone
Vol 12, No 4 Quality of diagnostic coding and information flow from hospital to general practice Abstract   PDF
Marjan Kljakovic, David Abernethy, Ingrid DeRuiter
Vol 14, No. 4 Quality of smoking data in GP computer systems in the UK Details   PDF
Neil Dhoul, Jeremy VanVlymen, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 2 Radiological exposure evaluation through the computerised electronic records system as decisional support to X-ray examination justification in family medicine Abstract   PDF
Ernesto Mola, Serena DeDonatis, Gianni Saccomanno, Roberto Giorgia, Sergio Giorgia, Trentino Bosco
Vol 13, No 3 Randomised studies in general practice: how to integrate the electronic patient record Abstract   PDF
Georgio Mosis, Bart Koes, Jeanne Dieleman, Bruno Stricker, Johan VanDerLei, Miriam Sturkenboom
Vol 16, No 2 Readiness for electronic health records: comparison of characteristics of practices in a collaborative with the remainder of Massachusetts Abstract   PDF
Steven Simon, Rainu Kaushal, Chelsea Jenter, Lynn Volk, Elisabeth Burdick, Eric Poon, Alexis Tumolo, Micky Tripathi, David Bates
Vol 24, No 4 Real World Evidence to an eHealth tool: The 2017 top ten papers from Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 17, No 2 Record media used by primary care providers in medically underserved regions of upstate New York was not pivotal to clinical result in the Informatics for Diabetes Education and Telemedicine (IDEATel) project Abstract   PDF
Philip Morin, Thomas Wolff, Joseph Eimicke, Jeanne Teresi, Steven Shea, Ruth Weinstock
Vol 18, No 2 Recording of adverse events in English general practice: analysis of data from electronic patient records Abstract   PDF
Carmen Tsang, Azeem Majeed, Ricky Banarsee, Shamini Gnani, Paul Aylin
Vol 11, No 4 Regional repositories, reintermediation and the new GMS contract: cardiovascular disease in Tayside Abstract   PDF
Frank Sullivan, Neil McEwan, Gavin Murphy
Vol 15, No 3 Relearning the lessons about the implementation of information systems in primary care: a report from the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) Special Topic Conference 2007 in Croatia Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 7, No. 1 Reliability of central coding of patient reasons for encounter in general practice, using the International Classification of Primary Care Abstract   HTML
Helena Britt
Vol 24, No 2 Reliability of heart rate mobile apps in young healthy adults: exploratory study and research directions Abstract   PDF   HTML
Maria Parpinel, Laura Scherling, Stefano Lazzer, Vincenzo Della Mea
Vol 10, No. 1 Report on bioterrorism in the United States Details   PDF
John Zapp
Vol 24, No 4 Research Outputs of England’s Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) Database: Bibliometric Analysis Abstract   PDF   HTML
Zain Chaudhry, Fahmida Mannan, Angela Gibson-White, Usama Syed, Shirin Ahmed, Azeem Majeed
Vol 20, No 1 Revisiting the concept of ‘chronic disease’ from the perspective of the episode of care model. Does the ratio of incidence to prevalence rate help us to define a problem as chronic? Abstract   PDF
Jean K Soler, Inge Okkes, Sibo Oskam, Kes van Boven, Predag Zivotic, Milan Jevtic, Frank Dobbs, Henk Lamberts
Vol 25, No 1 Robot Assisted Surgical Ward Rounds: Virtually Always There Abstract   PDF   HTML
Stefanie M. Croghan, Paul Carroll, Sarah Reade, Amy E Gillis, Paul F Ridgway
Vol 14, No. 3 Routinely collected general practice data: goldmines for research? A report of the European Federation for Medical Informatics Primary Care Informatics Working Group (EFMI PCIWG) from MIE2006, Maastricht, The Netherlands Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Job Metsemakers, Pieter Houwink, Valgerdur Gunnarsdottir, Johan VanDerLei
Vol 14, No. 1 Routinely-collected general practice data are complex, but with systematic processing can be used for quality improvement and research Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Nigel Hague, Jeremy VanVlymen, Pushpa Kumarapeli
Vol 21, No 1 Satisfaction with electronic health records is associated with job satisfaction among primary care physicians Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christine D Jones, George M Holmes, Sarah E Lewis, Kristie W Thompson, Samuel Cykert, Darren A DeWalt
Vol 15, No 3 Secondary uses of clinical data in primary care Abstract   PDF
Sheila Teasdale, David Bates, Karen Kmetik, Jeff Suzewits, Mike Bainbridge
Vol 13, No 2 Seniors' views on the use of electronic health records Abstract   PDF
Diane Morin, Andre Tourigny, Daniel Pelletier, Line Robichaud, Luc Mathieu, Aline V_zina, Lucie Bonin, Martin Buteau
Vol 13, No 2 Shaping sands, shifting services Details   PDF
Sheila Teasdale
Vol 14, No. 1 Sharing electronic health records: the patient view Abstract   PDF
John Powell, Richard Fitton, Caroline Fitton
Vol 25, No 3 SMASH! The Salford medication safety dashboard Abstract   PDF   HTML
Richard Williams, Richard Keers, Wouter T. Gude, Mark Jeffries, Colin Davies, Benjamin Brown, Evangelos Kontopantelis, Anthony J. Avery, Darren M. Ashcroft, Niels Peek
Vol 14, No. 4 Smoking status recording in GP electronic records: the unrealised potential Abstract   PDF
Vanessa Selak, Susan Wells, Robyn Whittaker, Alistair Stewart
Vol 19, No 1 SNOMED is coming, and more about using and interacting with technology in primary care Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 14, No. 2 Software design to facilitate information transfer at hospital discharge Abstract   PDF
Stephen Nace, James Graumlich, Jean Aldag
Vol 10, No. 4 Stimulating convergence of clinical and lifestyle perspectives on the web: asthma as an example Abstract   PDF
Jean Roberts, Karen Copeland
Vol 16, No 3 Strategic considerations for improving the quality of eHealth research: we need to improve the quality and capacity of academia to undertake informatics research Details   PDF
Ashly Black, Josip Car, Azeem Majeed, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 10, No. 1 Structured clinical decision making Details   PDF
David Pepper, Kevin Hamilton, Alex Caldwell
Vol 22, No 2 Structuring and coding in health care records: a qualitative analysis using diabetes as a case study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ann R R Robertson, Bernard Fernando, Zoe Morrison, Dipak Kalra, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 19, No 2 Study of electronic prescribing rates and barriers identified among providers using electronic health records in New York City Abstract   PDF
Sam Amirfar, Sheila Anane, Michael Buck, Rachel Cohen, Steve DiLonardo, Phoenix Maa, Colleen McCullough, Marlena Plagianos, Claudia Pulgarin, John Taverna, Jesse Singer
Vol 9, No. 1 Supporting a set of Read coded terms for use in pathology messaging Abstract   HTML
David Robinson, Martin Holland, Stephen Pill
Vol 10, No. 4 Supporting change management with PRIMIS Abstract   PDF
Sheila Teasdale
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