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Vol 20, No 2 Technological resources and personnel costs required to implement an automated alert system for ambulatory physicians when patients are discharged from hospitals to home Abstract   PDF
Terry S Field, Lawrence Garber, Shawn J Gagne, Jennifer Tija, Peggy Preusse, Jennifer L Donovan, Abir O Kanaan, Jerry H Gurwitz
Vol 8, No. 2 Technology and healthcare into the future Abstract   HTML
N.H. Edwards
Vol 25, No 1 Telemedicine: Is it really worth it? A perspective from evidence and experience. Abstract   PDF   HTML
James Freed, Charles Lowe, Gerd Flodgren, Rachel Binks, Kevin Doughty, Jyrki Kolsi
Vol 6, No. 2 Temple House Surgery Computer Program Details   HTML
Prit Buttar
Vol 10, No. 3 The 'point of care' vs 'registers and datasets' debate Details   PDF
Mike Bainbridge
Vol 10, No. 3 The 'self-organising system' as a model for primary health care - can local autonomy and centralisation co-exist? Abstract   PDF
Peter Pritchard
Vol 23, No 2 The acceptability to patients of video-consulting in general practice: semi-structured interviews in three diverse general practices. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sophie Leng, Margaret MacDougall, Brian McKinstry
Vol 23, No 1 The adoption of an electronic health record did not improve A1c values in Type 2 diabetes Abstract   PDF   HTML
Harry B Burke, Dorothy A Becher, Albert Hoang, Ronald W Gimbel
Vol 18, No 3 The benefits and risks of structuring and coding of patient histories in the electronic clinical record: protocol for a systematic review Abstract   PDF
Emma Byrne, Bernard Fernando, Dipak Kalra, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 6, No. 2 The Case for Integration of JANET and NHSnet: a pragmatic proposal for its implementation Abstract   HTML
Simon de Lusignan, Robert Whitelaw
Vol 15, No 2 The challenge of electronic health records (EHRs) design and implementation: responses of health workers to drawing a 'big and rich picture' of a future EHR programme using animated tools Abstract   PDF
Neil Jenkings, Robert Wilson
Vol 24, No 3 The challenge of involving elderly patients in primary care by using an electronic communication tool with their professionals: a mixed methods study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Catharina Carolina de Jong, Wynand J.G. Ros, Mia van Leeuwen, Guus Schrijvers
Vol 25, No 4 The characteristics and capabilities of the available open source health information technologies supporting healthcare: A scoping review protocol Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ather Akhlaq, Brian McKinstry, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 10, No. 2 The characteristics of users and non-users of a digital interactive television service - case study: the Living Health channel Abstract   PDF
David Nicholas, Paul Huntington, Peter Williams, Maria Monopoli, Barrie Gunter
Vol 8, No. 1 The Clinical Content of the Computerised British General Practice Record Abstract   HTML
Adrian Pierry
Vol 17, No 2 The cognitive impact of research synopses on physicians: a prospective observational analysis of evidence-based summaries sent by email Abstract   PDF
Ruiqing Wang, Gillian Bartlett, Roland Grad, Pierre Pluye
Vol 21, No 3 The collection and utilisation of patient ethnicity data in general practices and hospitals in the United Kingdom: a qualitative case study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Zoe Morrison, Bernard Fernando, Dipak Kalra, Kathrin Cresswell, Ann Robertson, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 19, No 4 The comparison of cardiovascular risk scores using two methods of substituting missing risk factor data in patient medical records Abstract   PDF
Andrew Dalton, Alex Bottle, Michael Soljak, Cyprian Okoro, Azeem Majeed, Christopher Millett
Vol 10, No. 1 The computerisation of Australian general practice 1998_2001 - what did we get for AU$15 000 000? Abstract   PDF
Michael Kidd
Vol 10, No. 4 The confidence and competence of community nurses in using information and communications technology and in accessing clinical evidence through electronic libraries and databases Abstract   PDF
Kate Pritchard, Simon de Lusignan, Tom Chan
Vol 13, No 4 The CONTENT project: a problem-oriented, episode-based electronic patient record in primary care Abstract   PDF
Gunter Laux, Thorsten Koerner, Thomas Rosemann, Martin Beyer, Katja Gilbert, Joachim Szecsenyi
Vol 23, No 2 The critical components of an electronic care plan tool for primary care: an exploratory qualitative study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Lisa Rotenstein, Suhavi Tucker, Rose Kakoza, Lori Tishler, Adrian Zai, Charlotte Wu
Vol 11, No 4 The development and evaluation of a computerised decision support system for primary care based upon 'patient profile decision analysis' Abstract   PDF
Duncan Short, Martin Frischer, James Bashford
Vol 14, No. 3 The development and evaluation of alternative communication strategies to facilitate interactions with Somali refugees in primary care: a preliminary study Abstract   PDF
Marianne Johnson, Gareth Evans, Zeinab Mohamed, Ann-Louise Caress
Vol 7, No. 1 The Doctor's Desk One vision of how to deliver the future information and communication needs of General Practice Abstract   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 25, No 1 The effect of a birth place decision support tool on women's decision making and information gathering behaviours during pregnancy: MyBirthplace Study Protocol Abstract   HTML   PDF
Daisy Wiggins
Vol 11, No 2 The efficacy of an automated feedback system for general practitioners Abstract   PDF
Rianne Bindels, Arie Hasman, Arnold Kester, Jan Talmon, Paul DeClercq, Ron Winkens
Vol 12, No 2 The electronic immediate discharge document: experience from the South West of Scotland Abstract   PDF
Anand Pillai, Stephanie Thomas, Manish Garg
Vol 7, No. 1 The Electronic Medical Record and the Internet Details   HTML
Brian O'Mahony
Vol 15, No 4 The feasibility of using UML to compare the impact of different brands of computer system on the clinical consultation Abstract   PDF
Pushpa Kumarapeli, Simon de Lusignan, Phil Koczan, Beryl Jones, Ian Sheeler
Vol 12, No 4 The future for primary care computing Details   PDF
Ewan Davis
Vol 18, No 2 The Hayes principles: learning from the national pilot of information technology and core generalisable theory in informatics Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Paul Krause
Vol 20, No 2 The health information ecosystem, technology to support more effective hospital discharge, data quality enables prediction of outcomes, and supporting better decision making Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 25, No 2 The Heimdall Framework for Supporting Characterisation of Learning Health Systems Abstract   PDF   HTML
Scott McLachlan, Henry W.W. Potts, Kudakwashe Dube, Derek Buchanan, Stephen Lean, Thomas Gallagher, Owen Johnson, Bridget Daley, William Marsh, Norman Fenton
Vol 19, No 3 The history of the Read codes: the inaugural James Read Memorial Lecture 2011 Abstract   PDF
Tim Benson
Vol 15, No 1 The identification of clinically important elements within medical journal abstracts: Patient_Population_Problem, Exposure_Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, Duration and Results (PECODR) Abstract   PDF
Martin Dawes, Pierre Pluye, Laura Shea, Roland Grad, Arlene Greenberg, Jian-Yun Nie
Vol 17, No 3 The impact of a physician-directed health information technology system on diabetes outcomes in primary care: a pre- and post-implementation study Abstract   PDF
Jacquelyn Hunt, Joseph Siemienczuk, William Gillanders, Benjamin LeBlanc, Yelena Rozenfeld, Kerry Bonin, Ginger Pape
Vol 21, No 1 The impact of interoperability of electronic health records on ambulatory physician practices: a discrete-event simulation study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Yuan Zhou, Jessica S Ancker, Mandar Upahdye, Nicolette M McGeorge, Theresa K Guarrera, Sudeep Hedge, Peter W Crane, Rollin J Fairbanks, Ann M Bisantz, Rainu Kaushal, Li Lin
Vol 8, No. 1 The Impact of Single Versus Dual Data Entry on Accuracy of Relational Database Information Abstract   HTML
Willem Meeuwisse, Brent Hagel, Gordon Fick
Vol 20, No 4 The impact of telehealth support for patients with diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on unscheduled secondary care utilisation: a service evaluation Abstract   PDF
Andrew CK Lee, Simon Oliver, Kate Fletcher, Jean Robinson
Vol 10, No. 2 The impact of the Internet on the GP-patient relationship Abstract   PDF
Benita Cox
Vol 15, No 4 The impact of the internet on the practice of general practitioners and community pharmacists in Northern Ireland Abstract   PDF
Brian McCaw, Kieran McGlade, James McElnay
Vol 13, No 3 The implementation of electronic services: planned or organic growth? Abstract   PDF
John Cole, Malcolm Colledge, Tony Megaw, Martin Powls, Seth Bullock, Justin Keen
Vol 20, No 1 The interpretation of the reasons for encounter ‘cough’ and ‘sadness’ in four international family medicine populations Abstract   PDF
Jean K Soler, Inge Okkes, Sibo Oskam, Kes van Boven, Predrag Zivotic, Milan Jevtic, Frank Dobbs, Henk Lamberts
Vol 21, No 4 The John Bryden memorial lecture: improving health with the community health index and developments in record linkage Abstract   HTML   PDF
Francis M. Sullivan
Vol 23, No 2 The Melbourne East Monash General Practice Database (MAGNET): Using data from computerised medical records to create a platform for primary care and health services research Abstract   PDF   HTML
Danielle Mazza, Christopher Pearce, Lyle Robert Turner, Maria de Leon-Santiago, Adam McLeod, Jason Ferriggi, Marianne Shearer
Vol 24, No 4 The Multimorbidity Cluster Analysis Tool: Identifying Combinations and Permutations of Multiple Chronic Diseases Using a Record-Level Computational Analysis Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kathryn Nicholson, Michael Bauer, Amanda Terry, Martin Fortin, Tyler Williamson, Amardeep Thind
Vol 12, No 3 The National Alliance for Primary Care Informatics: development and current status Details   PDF
David Bates, Melinda Jenkins
Vol 17, No 3 The NHS Care Record Service (NHS CRS): recommendations from the literature on successful implementation and adoption Abstract   PDF
Kathrin Cresswell, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 18, No 2 The NHS Information Technology (IT) and Social Care Review 2009: a synopsis Abstract   PDF
Glyn Hayes
Vol 6, No. 2 The Northern Ireland General Practice Information Management and Technology Training programme Details   HTML
Paul Comac
Vol 17, No 3 The online outpatient booking system 'Choose and Book' improves attendance rates at an audiology clinic: a comparative audit Abstract   PDF
Vijal Parmar, Ann Large, Colm Madden, Vijay Das
Vol 14, No. 2 The optimum granularity for coding diagnostic data in primary care: report of a workshop of the EFMI Primary Care Informatics Working Group at MIE 2005 Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 16, No 2 The patient's perspective of computerised records: a questionnaire survey in primary care Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Garcia-Sanchez
Vol 13, No 4 The Primary Care Electronic Library (PCEL) five years on: open source evaluation of usage Abstract   PDF
Judas Robinson, Simon de Lusignan, Patty Kostkova
Vol 14, No. 4 The Primary Care Electronic Library: RSS feeds using SNOMED-CT indexing for dynamic content delivery Abstract   PDF
Judas Robinson, Simon de Lusignan, Patty Kostkova, Bruce Madge, A Marsh, C Biniaris
Vol 10, No. 2 The Primary Care National electronic Library for Health (NeLH-PC): a pilot of information-centred knowledge management for primary care - Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Adrian Brown, Kate Pritchard
Vol 20, No 4 The provision and impact of online patient access to their electronic health records (EHR) and transactional services on the quality and safety of health care: systematic review protocol Abstract   PDF
Freda Mold, Beverley Ellis, Simon de Lusignan, Aziz Sheikh, Jeremy C Wyatt, Mary Cavill, Georgios Michalakidis, Fiona Barker, Azeem Majeed, Tom Quinn, Phil Koczan, Theo Avanitis, Toto Anne Gronlund, Christina Franco, Mary McCarthy, Zoe Renton, Umesh Chauhan, Hannah Blakey, Neha Kataria, Simon Jones, Imran Rafi
Vol 25, No 2 The robot will see you now? Details   HTML   PDF
Piers Gatenby
Vol 9, No. 1 The role and objectives of NeLH-I Details   HTML
Andrew Hawker, Colin Gordon
Vol 9, No. 1 The Role of Medical Informatics in Primary Care Education Abstract   HTML
PJ McCullagh, IR Young, WG Kernohan
Vol 16, No 2 The role of the electronic medical record (EMR) in care delivery development in developing countries: a systematic review Abstract   PDF
Faustine Williams, Suzanne Boren
Vol 12, No 3 The roles of ‘subjective computer training’ and management support in the use of computers in community health centres Abstract   PDF
Farideh Yaghmaie, Rohan Jayasuriya
Vol 20, No 1 The Scottish Emergency Care Summary – an evaluation of a national shared record system aiming to improve patient care: technology report Abstract   PDF
Libby MM Morris, Colin Brown, Marysia Williamson, Jeremy C Wyatt
Vol 16, No 2 The Single Shared Electronic Patient Record (SSEPR): problems with functionality and governance Details   PDF
Mary Hawking
Vol 16, No 2 The Single Shared Electronic Patient Record (SSEPR): problems with functionality and governance - Reply Details   PDF
John Parry
Vol 13, No 4 The South Warwickshire NHS Care Records Service Demonstrator Project: lessons for the National Programme for IT Abstract   PDF
Ian Allwood, Tim Holt
Vol. 4, No. 1 The state of health informatics and its future in Poland Details   HTML
Kazimierz Fraczkowski
Vol 15, No 1 The twinning of Scottish general practices and Malawian clinics: the provision of email and internet services Abstract   PDF
Ron Neville, Sam Riddell, Pam Wilson, Paul Nkhoma
Vol 16, No 2 The use and effectiveness of electronic clinical decision support tools in the ambulatory/primary care setting: a systematic review of the literature Abstract   PDF
Cathy Bryan, Suzanne Boren
Vol 10, No. 4 The use of 'pointing' to indicate information sharing in general practice consultations Details   PDF
Mark Gibson
Vol 7, No. 2 The Use of General Practice Computer Systems for Data Handling and Clinical Audit - A Survey of General Practices in Leicestershire Abstract   HTML
Farooqi A, Barker G, Sorrie R
Vol 18, No 2 The use of Google language tools as an interpretation aid in cross-cultural doctor_patient interaction: a pilot study Details   PDF
Feroze Kaliyadan, Sreekanth Gopinathan Pillai
Vol 10, No. 1 The use of information technology in managing patients with coronary heart disease Abstract   PDF
David Simpson, John Nicholas, Kevin Cooper
Vol 16, No 3 The use of information technology to enhance diabetes management in primary care: a literature review Abstract   PDF
Akuh Adaji, Peter Schattner, Kay Jones
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