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Vol 25, No 3 The Use of Slack for Medical Residency Development and Recruiting Details   PDF   HTML
Simon Antranik Sarkisian, Andrew Kagel
Vol 11, No 4 The view from across the Pond Details   PDF
Sheila Teasdale
Vol 17, No 3 The Wellcome Trust Report: moving forward the use of general practice electronic patient records for research Details   PDF
Angela Gibson-White, Azeem Majeed
Vol 25, No 2 The WHAAM Application: a Tool to Support the Evidence-Based Practice in the Functional Behaviour Assessment Abstract   PDF   HTML
Gianluca Merlo, Giuseppe Chiazzese, Manuela Sanches-Ferreira, Antonella Chifari, Luciano Seta, Colin McGee, Alberto Mirisola, Isabella Giammusso
Vol 10, No. 4 The work of the South Liverpool Primary Care Trust Informatics Team Details   PDF
Sam Howlin, Ken Clare
Vol 11, No 2 Three steps to data quality Abstract   PDF
Krish Thiru, Simon de Lusignan, Frank Sullivan, Sarah Brew, Alun Cooper
Vol 23, No 3 Tightrope walking towards maximising secondary uses of digitised health data: a qualitative study. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ann R R Robertson, Pam Smith, Harpreet S. Sood, Kathrin Cresswell, Ulugbek Nurmatov Nurmatov, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 20, No 1 Time for research networks to be trained in informatics and based within informatics centres Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 25, No 4 Time to mandate collaborative working is part of computerised medical record systems, at a time of general practitioner shortage Details   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 9, No. 1 Towards a "New" International Terminology for Health: Read Clinical Terms and SNOMED Details   HTML
Colin Price
Vol 19, No 4 Towards a terminologies support system in primary care Details   PDF
Joseph Roumier, Marc Jamoulle, Robert Stichele, Laurent Romary, Elena Cardillo
Vol 25, No 1 Towards understanding healthcare professionals’ adoption and use of technologies in clinical practice: Using Qmethodology and models of technology acceptance. Abstract   PDF   HTML
Muhammad Awwal Ladan, Heather Wharrad, Richard Windle
Vol 17, No 3 Trends in adoption of electronic health records by family physicians in Washington State Abstract   PDF
Glen Stream
Vol 10, No. 4 Trends in data recording by general practice teams: an analysis of data extracted from clinical computer systems by the PRIMIS project Abstract   PDF
Pete Horsfield
Vol 16, No 3 Two nations achieve a high level of primary care information technology (IT) interoperability: an introduction to a series comparing Denmark and New Zealand's IT and health care Details   PDF
Pauline Lockhart
Vol 15, No 2 Two years and ~196 million later: where is Choose and Book? Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Rashid, Lasitha Abeysundra, Ahmad Mohd-Isa, Yahya Khan, Catarina Sismeiro
Vol 15, No 3 UK and Croatia: family practice, its medical records and computerisation in the context of an enlarged Europe Abstract   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Milica Kati_
Vol 23, No 3 UK National Data Guardian for Health and Care’s Review of Data Security: Trust, better security and opt-outs Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tom Chan, Concetta Tania Di Iorio, Simon de Lusignan, Daniel Lo Russo, Craig Kuziemsky, Siaw-Teng Liaw
Vol 16, No 2 UK's National Programme for IT welcomes recommendation for a more sociotechnical approach to evaluation: a commentary on the Greenhalgh evaluation of the summary care record Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Jos Aarts
Vol 19, No 3 Understanding end-user support for health information technology: a theoretical framework Abstract   PDF
Aviv Shachak, Jan Barnsley, Karen Tu, Alejandro Jadad, Louise Lemieux-Charles
Vol 25, No 2 Understanding optimization processes of electronic health records (EHR) in select leading hospitals: a qualitative study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Mark Chun Moon, Rebecca Hills, George Demiris
Vol 24, No 2 Understanding the use of geographical information systems (GIS) in health informatics research: A review Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nicola Shaw, Suzanne McGuire
Vol 21, No 2 Undertaking sociotechnical evaluations of health information technologies Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kathrin M Cresswell, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 21, No 3 Unravelling the tangled taxonomies of health informatics Abstract   HTML   PDF
David Barrett, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 19, No 3 Usability of computerised physician order entry in primary care: assessing ePrescribing with a new evaluation model Abstract   PDF
Lovisa Hagstedt, Carl Rudebeck, G_ran Petersson
Vol 17, No 4 Usability: a critical dimension for assessing the quality of clinical systems Details   PDF
Christopher Pearce, Aviv Shachak, Andre Kushniruk, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 17, No 4 Usability: a neglected theme in informatics Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 3 Use of drug information resources by the community pharmacist in Penang, Malaysia Abstract   PDF
Mohamed Hassali, Tahir Khan, Asrul Shafie
Vol 19, No 1 Use of email in communication between the Finnish primary healthcare system and general practitioners Abstract   PDF
Tuula Karhula, Timo Kauppila, Outi Elonheimo, Mats Brommels
Vol 10, No. 3 Use of information on the shared customers of healthcare services to support care pathway planning Abstract   PDF
Olli Nylander, Tarja Suominen, Hannu Rintanen, Simo Pelanteri, Mikko Nenonen
Vol 19, No 4 Using a data entry clerk to improve data quality in primary care electronic medical records: a pilot study Abstract   PDF
Michelle Greiver, Jan Barnsley, Babak Aliarzadeh, Paul Krueger, Rahim Moineddin, Debra Butt, Edita Dolabchian, Liisa Jaakkimainen, Karim Keshavjee, David White, David Kaplan
Vol 22, No 3 Using a self-service kiosk to identify behavioural health needs in a primary care clinic serving an urban, underserved population Abstract   PDF   HTML
Glenda Wrenn, Fatima Kasiah, Irshad Syed
Vol 11, No 1 Using email as a research tool in general practice: starting to implement the National Service Framework for Mental Health Abstract   PDF
Guy Houghton, Sukhdev Singh, Jason Fraser
Vol 22, No 1 Using information to deliver safer care: a mixed-methods study exploring general practitioners’ information needs in North West London primary care Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nikolaos Mastellos, Josip Car, Azeem Majeed, Paul Aylin
Vol 18, No 3 Using keywords to predict the need for an audiogram: an analysis of referral letters using logistic regression Abstract   PDF
Venkat Reddy, Tarig Abdelrahman , Andrew Lau, Kel Anyanwu, David Whinney
Vol 7, No. 2 Using MIQUEST in General Practice Abstract   HTML
Victoria Hammersley, Andrew Meal, Lynne Wright, Mike Pringle
Vol 22, No 2 Using ontologies to improve semantic interoperability in health data Abstract   PDF   HTML
Harshana Liyanage, Paul Krause, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 17, No 3 Using patient records from general practice for research Details   PDF
Nigel Mathers, Nicola Perrin, Graham Watt
Vol 19, No 1 Using primary care prescribing data to improve GP awareness of antidepressant adherence issues Abstract   PDF
Thusitha Mabotuwana, Jim Warren, Martin Orr, Timothy Kenealy, Jeff Harrison
Vol 18, No 4 Using routine data to conduct small area health needs assessment through observing trends in demographics, recording of common mental health problems (CMHPs) and sickness certificates: longitudinal analysis of a northern and London locality Abstract   PDF
Tom Chan, Alan Cohen, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 3 Using routinely collected data to evaluate a leaflet campaign to increase the presentation of people with memory problems to general practice: a locality based controlled study Abstract   PDF
Tom Chan, Jeremy VanVlymen, Neil Dhoul, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 22, No 4 Using routinely collected health data for surveillance, quality improvement and research: Framework and key questions to assess ethics, privacy and data access Abstract   PDF   HTML
Simon de Lusignan, Harshana Liyanage, Concetta Tania Di Iorio, Tom Chan, Siaw-Teng Liaw
Vol 16, No 4 Using routinely collected patient data with and without consent: trust and professionalism Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 17, No 2 Using surrogate markers in primary electronic patient record systems to confirm or refute the diagnosis of diabetes Abstract   PDF
Ashkan Bagheri, Ahmed Sadek, Tom Chan, Kamlesh Khunti, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 23, No 1 Using the diffusion of innovations theory to assess socio-technical factors in planning the implementation of an electronic health record alert across multiple primary care clinics Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ching-Pin Lin, Janelle Guirguis-Blake, Gina A. Keppel, Sharon Dobie, Justin Osborn, Allison M. Cole, Laura-Mae Baldwin
Vol 21, No 1 Using the information value method in a geographic information system and remote sensing for malaria mapping: a case study from India Abstract   HTML   PDF
Praveen Kumar Rai, Mahendra Singh Nathawat, Shalini Rai
Vol 22, No 1 Using the Internet as a source of information and support: a discussion paper on the risks and benefits for children and young people with long-term conditions Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jaqui Hewitt-Taylor
Vol 11, No 3 Using three-channel video to evaluate the impact of the use of the computer on the patient-centredness of the general practice consultation Abstract   PDF
Alice Theadom, Simon de Lusignan, Eben Wilson, Tom Chan
Vol 21, No 4 Using video-based observation research methods in primary care health encounters to evaluate complex interactions Abstract   HTML   PDF
Onur Asan, Enid Montague
Vol 15, No 3 Variation in clinical coding lists in UK general practice: a barrier to consistent data entry? Abstract   PDF
Tracy Waize, Sobanna Anandarajah, Neil Dhoul, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 17, No 2 Variation in the recording of diabetes diagnostic data in primary care computer systems: implications for the quality of care Abstract   PDF
Wendy Rollason, Kamlesh Khunti, Simon de Lusignan
Vol 18, No 1 Vault, cloud and agent: choosing strategies for quality improvement and research based on routinely collected health data Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan, Frank Sullivan, Paul Krause
Vol 10, No. 4 Verbal and physical prescriptions in general practice consultations Details   PDF
Mark Gibson, Rob Wilson
Vol 18, No 1 Views of diagnosis distribution in primary care in 2.5 million encounters in Stockholm: a comparison between ICD-10 and SNOMED CT Abstract   PDF
Anna Vikström, Mikael Nyström, Hans Åhlfeldt, Lars-Erik Strender, Gunnar Nilsson
Vol 23, No 3 Visualization approaches to support healthy aging: A systematic review Abstract   PDF   HTML
Uba Backonja, Nai-Ching Chi, Yong Choi, Amanda K Hall, Thai Le, Youjeong Kang, George Demiris
Vol 13, No 1 Web-based health applications provide useful and cost-effective tools; however, they should include key clinical variables and incorporate a coding or classification system Details   PDF
Simon de Lusignan
Vol 10, No. 1 Welcome to the world of Informatics Details   PDF
Glyn Hayes
Vol 22, No 4 What Does ePrescribing Mean for Patients? A Case Study of the Perspectives of Hospital Renal Patients Abstract   PDF   HTML
Lisa Lee, Robin Williams, Aziz Sheikh
Vol 11, No 1 What does information about referrals reveal about the service network? Abstract   PDF
Olli Nylander, Tarja Suominen, Hannu Rintanen, Mikko Nenonen, Simo Pelanteri
Vol 10, No. 3 What might a health information system look like? Abstract   PDF
Mikko Nenonen, Olli Nylander, Hannu Rintanen, Tarja Suominen
Vol 25, No 2 What to expect from electronic patient record system implementation; lessons learned from published evidence Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ward Priestman, Shankar Sridharan, Helen Vigne, Richard Collins, Loretta Seamer, Neil J Sebire
Vol 17, No 4 When your words count: a discriminative model to predict approval of referrals Abstract   PDF
Adol Esquivel, Kimberly Dunn, Sharon McLane, Dov T_eni, Jiajie Zhang, James Turley
Vol 25, No 3 Who adopts a patient portal?: An application of the diffusion of innovation model Abstract   PDF   HTML
Srinivas Emani, Ellen Peters, Sonali Desai, Andrew S Karson, Stuart R Lipsitz, Rajani LaRocca, John Stone, Vlas Suric, Jonathan S Wald, Amy Wheeler, Deborah H Williams, David W Bates
Vol 11, No 1 Why is ICRS so hard? Details   PDF
Mike Martin
Vol 17, No 1 Wii have a problem: a review of self-reported Wii related injuries Abstract   PDF
Dorothy Sparks, Daniel Chase, Lisa Coughlin
Vol 14, No. 4 XML-based clinical data standardisation in the National Health Service Scotland Abstract   PDF
Raluca Bunduchi, Robin Williams, Ian Graham, Alison Smart
Vol 14, No. 4 XML-based clinical data standardisation in the National Health Service Scotland Details   PDF
Paul Woolman
Vol 23, No 1 Young adults on the perceived benefits and expected use of personal health records: a qualitative descriptive study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Quynh Nguyen, Gillian Bartlett, Charo Rodriguez, Pierre-Paul Tellier
Vol 22, No 4 “How long does it take?” A mixed methods evaluation of computer-related work in GP consultations Abstract   HTML   PDF
James Hayward, Susan Buckingham, Fionagh Thomson, Heather Milne, Aziz Sheikh, Bernard Fernando, Kathrin Cresswell, Robin Williams, Hilary Pinnock
Vol 24, No 2 “It’s like texting at the dinner table”: A qualitative analysis of the impact of electronic health records on patient-physician interaction in hospitals Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kimberly D Pelland, Rosa R Baier, Rebekah L Gardner
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